Nova Sound Presents OSinQueNon

A soothing musical experience created to influence meditation and help listener manifest their deepest desires through a higher human experience. Press play, calm your mind and manifest the things you really want into your reality.

1. Forest Glow (Score)
2. Paradise (Instrumental)
3. Prosperity (Instrumental)
4. Healing Waters (Score)
5. Heart and Mind (Instrumental)
6. Diary (feat. Marcano Sax) [Instrumental][Cover]
[Streaming Only]
7. Freedom Falls (Instrumental)
8. Bliss (Score)
9. Uphoria (Score)
10. Balance (Score)

Nova Sound Presents HOAY Legacy

HOAY Legacy

Fidit G - HOAY Legacy
Stream all my high school music from "Hell Of A Year", "HOAY After Shock" and "HOAY 2K11" including "Fidit Gets It In", "Graduation" and 2 unreleased songs now on all major streaming platforms
1. The Graduation Date (Class Of 2011)
2. The Earthquake
3. Graduation
4. 18 (2K11)
5. Party Till We Pass Out
6. It's Been A Minute
7. Long Distance
8. Hell & Back
9. 1 Questions (Would You Ride?)
10. Fidit Gets It In 
11. Poppin' (Prod. By Big Red)
12. Bragging and Boasting
13. Cold Bars 3
14. Never (Prod. By Jones T)
15. Benjamin 
16. The Back
17. Who Want It
18. AFter SHock 
19. Legendary 

Nova Sound Presents Arcadion

Universal Game Music
1. Mosaic Of The Sky (Score) - Cinematic 
2. Space Booming (Instrumental) - Hip Hop
3. Angelic Gamer (Instrumental) - Hip Hop
4. Jingle Bells Arcade (Instrumental) - Holiday Hip Hop
5. Dance Chemist EDM (Instrumental) - EDM
6. 2D Desert (Instrumental) - Hip Hop
7. Gamers Reggae Riddim (Instrumental) - Reggae
8. Kanye West (Instrumental) - Hip Hop 

Nova Sound Presents EgyptQuinoX

A cinematic hip hop experience

1. The Pharaoh's Return
2. Dimension Gate EQX
3. 0Zero Gravity
4. Pyramid Reign
5. Horology 
6. Forbidden Knowledge
7. Kemetic Science
8. Digital Scroll EQX 
9. Dark Astrology
10. Maat and Anubis
11. Stolen Legacy
12. 2020 Kingship EQX

HiGh Trauma EP - G Nova Sound

HiGh Trauma, The 6 song EP from G Nova Sound (FKA Fidit).